Painted Trees


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Baobabs near Malindi
Baobabs near Malindi
Fig tree in Nairobi
Baobab near Dar es Salaam
Baobab near Malindi
Euphorbia obovalifolia on the kopjes and Euphorbia Candelabrum
Bleached tree in the Selous
Croton in the forest and Newtonia buchananii at Tassia
Commiphora africana and Cassia
Baobabs in Ruaha
Palm and unknown little tree by the coast
Boscia coriacea
Boscia coriacea
Newtonia trees at Tassia
Marula tree in the Chyulus
Acacia tortilis
Yellow Fever tree
Baobab trunk, Ruaha


Lime tree and Hornbeams in Umbria
Little tree in Provence, Olive trees with cornflowers
Olive trees in Provence
Red earth in Roussillon, Provence
Little red trees Tuscany
Winter tree Umbria
Chestnut, England
Palm tree in Elba
Umbrella pines in Elba
Plum trees in winter, Umbria
Unknown tree, Spain
Willow trees Winter - Willow trees Summer, Tuscany